Lloyd’s Agency – The importance of attending and supporting industry events

As a number of you will already be aware the Agency department within Lloyd’s provides support services to the global marine insurance industry, as well other parties involved in the maritime sector. To ensure that we have a clear understanding of our customers evolving requirements, and to enable us to adapt our services accordingly, it is vital that we understand their current and future needs – are there any new opportunities and what are the challenges that are of most concern?

One of the best ways for us, and the Lloyd’s Agents within the network, to connect with our customers is to attend and support industry conferences – preferably events that capture a global audience from multiple countries.

Taking 2018 as an example, some of the key conferences that we have or will be supporting include:

  • GIA-IUMI Asia Forum – Singapore
  • Marine Forum – South Africa
  • International Cargo Insurance Conference (ICIC) – UK
  • International Tug, Salvage & OSV Convention (ITS) – France
  • International Union of Marine Insurers (IUMI) conference – South Africa
  • The Latin American Association of Marine Underwriters (ALSUM) conference – Argentina
  • International Marine Claims Conference (IMCC) – Ireland

Leading industry conferences spread across multiple continents. These truly global events enable delegates to expand their knowledge and understanding on the hottest topics, be it autonomous shipping, current soft market conditions, claims trends, the latest risk management initiatives or future digital disruptors…….

The conferences offer a space for like-minded people and industry peers to come together and debate issues. The presentations, panel discussions and interactive sessions provide an opportunity to both listen and talk to industry experts from across the globe.

Whilst webinars and other online training aids are a fantastic development, in my view the focused learning at a conference and the face to face interaction with speakers and attendees allows you to dig deeper and gain a more thorough understanding on a chosen topic of interest.

Networking also obviously plays a big part. The conferences are the perfect platform to promote the Lloyd’s brand, show our commitment and support to the sector as well as meet with local and overseas market practitioners – all customers or potential customers of Lloyd’s and the support services available through the Agency department.

We are often supported by representatives of the Lloyd’s Agency network at these key conferences and, where possible, we will always take the opportunity to meet up with our overseas Lloyd’s colleagues. The chance to meet with colleagues, representatives and clients, away from the day-to-day office environment, often results in more open and free flowing discussions that should not be underestimated.

Being able to travel to different parts of the world can often be somewhat of an adventure, with the occasional logistical challenge thrown in for good measure, however it is always also a privilege and honour to attend these events backed up by the strength of the Lloyd’s brand wherever we are in the world.

To find out more about Lloyd’s Agency and the events we support, and/or host, please do not hesitate in visiting our website and/or contacting a member of the team – www.lloyds.com/agency

Written by David Lawrence, Controller of Agencies, Lloyd’s Agency Department at Lloyd’s of London
Originally published July 2, 2018 on LinkedIn

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