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Unilex Maritime, along with the Omega Marine network in Africa, are available to assist you 24/7. We work in a broad range of fields, drawing on the expertise and experience of our surveyors and our extensive knowledge of the legal and commercial issues at stake. We are always ready for emergencies and determined to satisfy.

We survey a wide variety of goods, whether carried by sea, land or air.
We supervise, mainly in Africa, the loading and discharge of basic foodstuffs and other raw materials in bulk or that are bagged.
Our marine surveyors, former ships’ Masters or Chief Engineers, are available at any time in case of minor or major damage.
We carry out yacht marine surveys along the whole of the Mediterranean coast.


Our surveyors inspect all types of cargo either preventively or following a loss in Europe and Africa:

  • Basic food products

  • Raw materials

  • Fertilizers/agricultural products

  • Goods in containers

  • Container stuffing and stripping

  • Goods in reefers (perishable foods: meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, etc)

  • Solid/liquid bulk cargoes

  • General cargoes

  • Container stuffing and stripping

  • Manufactured products

  • Petroleum

  • Solid/liquid chemicals

  • Steel

  • Ore

  • Metals

  • Precious metals

  • Draught surveys

  • Project cargoes

  • Heavy lifts

Our hull and machinery surveyors carry out the following marine surveys:

  • Condition surveys on the ship’s general condition

  • Marine surveys on hull and machinery following damage, collision, accidental grounding or damage to machinery

  • Pre-insurance surveys

  • Inspection of ship repairs

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